# TooBasic: Troubleshooting ## What is this page? This page won't be the _hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy_ for __TooBasic__, but _don't panic_, this won't be [vogon poetry](http://i.imgur.com/MDIPz9j.jpg). Here we are going to talk about some usual problem found when installing __TooBasic__ in your server. ## General ### Have you installed _Smarty_? If you used a `git clone` instead of downloading the recommended release package, you'll end up with an almost empty folder at `ROOTDIR/libraries`. This means your site will start throwing errors everywhere because it's looking for Smarty. _What to do?_ Well there's the easy way and the hard way. The easy way is to run (we're supposing you used `git clone`): ```plain $ git submodule init $ git submodule update ``` This two commands will set your clone to have in mind some modules and then check them out, in our case, Smarty. The hard way is: * Go to [Smarty's download page](http://www.smarty.net/download) and download the latest version, * unpack it, * copy the folder `libs` (from inside the pack) into `ROOTDIR/libraries` and * rename it to `ROOTDIR/libraries/smarty`. ### Permissions There are a few folders that need writing permission and __TooBasic__ will try to tell you this when possible, but just to be sure check these folders: * `ROOTDIR/cache` * `ROOTDIR/cache/filecache` * `ROOTDIR/cache/langs` * `ROOTDIR/cache/shellflags` Of course, writing permission means that the system user your HTTP server uses has to be able to write inside this folders. If you use a standard _unix-like_ system with apache, it usually is `www-data`. ### There goes nothing Your site shows no errors and your browser is an empty white page. Well this doesn't mean there are no errors, perhaps they're been shown in a file you haven't checked yet. If you are under a standard _unix-like_ installation using apache, check these files: >/var/log/apache2/error.log >/var/log/apache2/access.log They may give a hint of your problem. If you are not on a standard _unix-like_ system, [google](https://www.google.com/search?q=apache+logs+location) where you can find this files. ## Database ### SQLite & autoincrements _"I specified a database field with autoincrement and nothing happends!"_ Well, if you're using a database engine that is not MySQL or PostgreSQL, this feature has no meaning. You probably would need to find another way to emulate this. ### SQLite & deprecated columns If you removed or changed the specification of a table column and your SQLite database doesn't applied the change, you should know SQLite does not support this kind of changes in a data base. You can add columns, but you can't change them or modify them. If you want some more information, visit [SQL As Understood By SQLite](http://sqlite.org/lang_altertable.html). ## Environment globals If you are developing a shell tool and for some reason you can't use `\TooBasic\Params::Instance()->env->myprop`, even though you exported it in your command line, you probably have an security issue in your `php.ini` file. Open your `php.ini` file and look for something like: ``` variables_order = "GPCSE" ``` The `E` in there means you have the super global `$_ENV` active, if not, add it, reload your configuration in your server and it should work. The super global `$_ENV` is the one that enables the use of `\TooBasic\Params::Instance()->env`. ### Where is my _php.ini_ file? If you don't know where your `php.ini` file is located, run something like this and it will give you a hint: ``` $ php --ini ``` Remember, the PHP configuration you use in a console may not be the same used by your PHP web server. ## Smarty version Sometimes, when the submodule _Smarty_ is updated, you may experience some file permissions errors and to solve this, remove the folder located at `ROOTDIR/cache/smarty` along with its contents, don't worry, __TooBasic__ will recreate it automatically when it's required. ## Strange configuration issue? If you added or removed a module, or maybe added or removed a configuration file, you get an strange error saying the some configuration file cannot be loaded or something like it. If that's the case, try removing the file `ROOTDIR/cache/system/config-priorities.json` this is an automatically generated file that is known to case this kind of troubles. Don't worry about removing it, it'll come back again on it's own, hopefully fixed :) ## Suggestions If you want, you may visit these documentation pages: * [Author's Note](authorsnote.md) <!--:GBSUMMARY:Appendix:1:Troubleshooting:-->
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