# TooBasic: What's New This is a changes log based on issues and logic changes. ## Version 2.3.0: * __ItemsStream ([#212](https://github.com/daemonraco/toobasic/issues/212))__ >Major improvement in the way _Representation Fatories_ retrieve and provide items >Giving a better way to walk over them improving memory usage. >Related issues: >* Review ItemsStream on RESTFul Logics ([#213](https://github.com/daemonraco/toobasic/issues/213)) >* Review ItemsStream on Search Tools and Services ([#215](https://github.com/daemonraco/toobasic/issues/215)) * __Track Dirty Properties ([#200](https://github.com/daemonraco/toobasic/issues/200))__ >_Representations_ add a way to know which properties were modified and are >pending persistence. This allow the user to make better decision on methods like >'prePersist()'. * __Remove Lost Items on Search Engine Tables ([#198](https://github.com/daemonraco/toobasic/issues/198))__ >The internal search engine adds a mechanism to search and clean indexed entries >that where removeds. * __Index Only Pending Items ([#216](https://github.com/daemonraco/toobasic/issues/216))__ >Improves the way the internal search engine indexes items. Basically it use to >check every item for their indexation status and now it solves that with a simple >query and then indexes only pending items. In other words, the previous loging awful, awful indeed. * __Criteria on Search Engine ([#199](https://github.com/daemonraco/toobasic/issues/199))__ >Adds a way to somehow tag indexed entries and separate search result in groups. * __Search Engine Improvements ([#196](https://github.com/daemonraco/toobasic/issues/196))__ >Adds a few improvements: >* Tracks search times. >* Provides statistics from searches. >* Searchesallow limit and offsets. * __Set Zero on NULL fields ([#197](https://github.com/daemonraco/toobasic/issues/197))__ >An old and never solved bug. * __Extend Query Adapter Flags on Conditions ([#195](https://github.com/daemonraco/toobasic/issues/195))__ >Query adapters add the use of `>`, `<`, `!` on query conditions specification. * __Simple API Reports Dynamic Parameters ([#194](https://github.com/daemonraco/toobasic/issues/194))__ >Giving more flexibility when invoking a Simple API Report. Visit >[Dynamic parameters](docs/sapireports.md#dynamic-parameters) for more information >about it. * __Debug Parameter for Controller Exports ([#192](https://github.com/daemonraco/toobasic/issues/192))__ >Adding a new debug parameter called `debugctrl` to review functionlities exported >from the controller in views. * __Deprecated Functionalities (v2.3.0) ([#188](https://github.com/daemonraco/toobasic/issues/188))__ >Removing functionalities flagged as deprecated mostrly related to changes in >'Representations' and some old core functions added to provide compatibility. * __Use 'idsBy()' for 'ids()' and others ([#180](https://github.com/daemonraco/toobasic/issues/180))__ >Representations avoids duplicated code by using even more its internal and more >generic methods. * __Code quality__ >Improvements in code quality validated by [SensioLabs](https://insight.sensiolabs.com/projects/a78eb001-d887-4214-a390-3a1993fc6d3c). > This changes are related to issues: >* [#203](https://github.com/daemonraco/toobasic/issues/203) >* [#204](https://github.com/daemonraco/toobasic/issues/204) >* [#205](https://github.com/daemonraco/toobasic/issues/205) >* [#206](https://github.com/daemonraco/toobasic/issues/206) >* [#207](https://github.com/daemonraco/toobasic/issues/207) >* [#208](https://github.com/daemonraco/toobasic/issues/208) >* [#209](https://github.com/daemonraco/toobasic/issues/209) >* [#210](https://github.com/daemonraco/toobasic/issues/210) >* [#211](https://github.com/daemonraco/toobasic/issues/211) * __Bug fixes everywhere__ -- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- -- ## Version 2.2.0: * __RESTful Representations ([#163](https://github.com/daemonraco/toobasic/issues/163))__ >Providing restful access to all resources even considering authorization checks. * __Unify Representation's Core Properties ([#187](https://github.com/daemonraco/toobasic/issues/187))__ >All main properties of item representations and items factories get factorized >into a single and centralized file. * __List of Dependant Representations ([#186](https://github.com/daemonraco/toobasic/issues/186))__ >If an item representation acts as grouping item for other representation, there's now a way to access its children through a method. * __Update jQuery and Bootstrap Libs ([#185](https://github.com/daemonraco/toobasic/issues/185))__ >Default libraries for jQuery and Bootstrap get a version update. * __Systool table limit name field ([#182](https://github.com/daemonraco/toobasic/issues/182))__ >To avoid issues with database index restrictions, name fields on tables get >restricted to 64 characters (only when created as scaffold). * __Search By Any Field ([#179](https://github.com/daemonraco/toobasic/issues/179))__ >Representations add a way to retrieve items specifying any column and value. * __Use JSON Validator ([#166](https://github.com/daemonraco/toobasic/issues/166))__ >Adding a JSON validation library. * __JSON Validator for SApiReader ([#172](https://github.com/daemonraco/toobasic/issues/172))__ >Validating Simple API Reader JSON specifications ussing the new library. * __JSON Validator for SApiReports ([#173](https://github.com/daemonraco/toobasic/issues/173))__ >Validating Simple API Reports JSON specifications ussing the new library. * __JSON Validator for FormsBuilder Specs ([#171](https://github.com/daemonraco/toobasic/issues/171))__ >Validating FormBuilder JSON specifications ussing the new library. * __JSON Validator for Database Specs ([#170](https://github.com/daemonraco/toobasic/issues/170))__ >Validating database JSON specifications ussing the new library. * __Disable JSON Specs Validation When Installed ([#176](https://github.com/daemonraco/toobasic/issues/176))__ >JSON specifications are not checked when the site is flagged as _installed_. * __Update libraries/README.md ([#174](https://github.com/daemonraco/toobasic/issues/174))__ >Updated internal documentation. * __Unneeded defaults on service sys-tool ([#181](https://github.com/daemonraco/toobasic/issues/181))__ >Bug fix. * __Remove All Routes When Destroying a Controller or Service ([#160](https://github.com/daemonraco/toobasic/issues/160))__ >Bug fix. ## Version 2.1.0: * __Simple API Tester ([#151](https://github.com/daemonraco/toobasic/issues/151))__ >Now it's possible to use things like: >```text >php shell.php sys sapitester >``` * __Scaffolds with default values in routes ([#115](https://github.com/daemonraco/toobasic/issues/115))__ >Controllers and services _sys-tools_ generate multiple routes depending on parameter defaults. * __Keyword 'table' for routes ([#147](https://github.com/daemonraco/toobasic/issues/147))__ >Routes add the keyword `table`. * __Debug Parameter for MagicProps ([#156](https://github.com/daemonraco/toobasic/issues/156))__ >New debug parameter called `debugmagicprop`. * __Exception translations ([#145](https://github.com/daemonraco/toobasic/issues/145))__ >Almost all exception messages use translations. * __Set Smarty Delimiters ([#153](https://github.com/daemonraco/toobasic/issues/153))__ >Smarty delimiters can be changed. * __Move Redis Support Into A Module ([#118](https://github.com/daemonraco/toobasic/issues/118))__ >Redis support in no longer a required part of __TooBasic__. ## Version 2.0.0: * __Shell Tools Aliases ([#65](https://github.com/daemonraco/toobasic/issues/65))__ >Now it's possible to use things like: >```text >php shell.php newctrl hello >``` * __Empty Item Creation Method Disable Mechanism ([#69](https://github.com/daemonraco/toobasic/issues/69))__ >Representations factories can disable the empty item creation method `create()` >and show a proper message indicating the right method to use. * __Dependencies Between Modules ([#71](https://github.com/daemonraco/toobasic/issues/71))__ >Modules may now specify dependencies with other modules version. * __Sys-tools: Separate Nav from layout ([#73](https://github.com/daemonraco/toobasic/issues/73))__ >_Sys-tool_ `layout` now creates a separate template for navigation on _Twitter >Bootstrap_ layouts. * __Configs Manager ([#74](https://github.com/daemonraco/toobasic/issues/74))__ >Configuration files get a manager to access and use them as objects. * __Dynamic MagicProp ([#75](https://github.com/daemonraco/toobasic/issues/75))__ >Any module or even the site may define and add magic properties. * __Table Specs v2 ([#76](https://github.com/daemonraco/toobasic/issues/76))__ >Database table specifications get a simpler definition mechanism. * __HTML Assets in Sys-tool Layout ([#77](https://github.com/daemonraco/toobasic/issues/77))__ >_Sys-tool_ `layout` creates layouts with dynamic asset inclusion code and all >required configuration PHP codes. * __Specific Config Interpreters ([#78](https://github.com/daemonraco/toobasic/issues/78))__ >Configuration files may use a specific class to handle their contents and >behavior. * __Excepted Paths ([#79](https://github.com/daemonraco/toobasic/issues/79))__ >Internal path searches add a way to avoid specific files or even entire folders. * __Document Modules ([#81](https://github.com/daemonraco/toobasic/issues/81))__ >Documentation about modules, how to create them and how to specify their >manifests. * __Disable Debug Parameters ([#84](https://github.com/daemonraco/toobasic/issues/84))__ >Adding a mechanism to disable debug parameters improving security for production >environments. * __Like in Query adapters ([#86](https://github.com/daemonraco/toobasic/issues/86))__ >Queries created using __TooBasic__ generic adapters allow partial value >specification. * __Custom Paths Search ([#87](https://github.com/daemonraco/toobasic/issues/87))__ >Internal path searches add a mechanism to search custom paths. * __Simple API Reader ([#88](https://github.com/daemonraco/toobasic/issues/88))__ >Adding a mechanism access external API as internal objects based on a JSON >specification. >For more information read [this documentation](docs/sapireader.md). * __ItemsFactory::idsByNamesLike() ([#91](https://github.com/daemonraco/toobasic/issues/91))__ >Items factories add a way to retrieve not specific names. * __Sys-tool Table & Predictive Search ([#92](https://github.com/daemonraco/toobasic/issues/92))__ >_Sys-tool_ `table` may generate services and configurations to enable predictive >searches on tables. * __Service Transaction Tracking ([#93](https://github.com/daemonraco/toobasic/issues/93))__ >When calling a service, a specific field called `transaction` can be specified >to track a specific response when many calls are made to the same service. * __Representation Field Filters ([#96](https://github.com/daemonraco/toobasic/issues/96))__ >Representations add a mechanism to consider specified columns to have certain >behavior. For example, a column with same text can be consider as a serialized >JSON object, allowing the user to access it as an object, but loading and >storing it as a string. * __Search Engine ([#97](https://github.com/daemonraco/toobasic/issues/97))__ >__TooBasic__ add a simple search engine that can be used in command line or as >a object inside models, controllers and others. >For more information read [this documentation](docs/searchengine.md). * __PHP Writing for Scaffolds ([#99](https://github.com/daemonraco/toobasic/issues/99))__ >Scaffolds can now add configurations in PHP code. * __Routes for Services ([#100](https://github.com/daemonraco/toobasic/issues/100))__ >Services now also support route specifications. * __Multi-table Selects in Query Adapters ([#102](https://github.com/daemonraco/toobasic/issues/102))__ >Queries created using __TooBasic__ generic adapters allow multiple tables. * __New README File ([#107](https://github.com/daemonraco/toobasic/issues/107))__ >Better landing document :D * __Sub-representation expansion ([#110](https://github.com/daemonraco/toobasic/issues/110))__ >Representation may specify that one or more colums are IDs from other >representation and then have them expanded as objects when loaded. * __Options in Params ([#113](https://github.com/daemonraco/toobasic/issues/113))__ >Shell option can now be used as params from magic properties. * __Paths Search Priority ([#114](https://github.com/daemonraco/toobasic/issues/114))__ >Fixing some issues with path searches and their priorities. * __Extendable 'ControllerExports' ([#116](https://github.com/daemonraco/toobasic/issues/116))__ >Controllers add a way to export more methods into views. * __Forms Builder ([#117](https://github.com/daemonraco/toobasic/issues/117))__ >__TooBasic__ adds a generic way to specify forms based on JSON configurations >and some shell tools to make this process simpler. >For more information read [Quick Forms (for Forms Builder)](docs/qforms.md) >and [Forms Builder](docs/forms.md). * __SApiReader Reports ([#135](https://github.com/daemonraco/toobasic/issues/135))__ >__TooBasic__ adds an extension for _Simple API Reader_ that allows to create a report table >based on an API response. >For more information read [this document](docs/sapireports.md). * Off course, checks and bug fixes everywhere. Visit [this link](https://github.com/daemonraco/toobasic/issues?q=milestone%3Av2.0.0+is%3Aclosed) for a complete list of issues. ## Previous To get information about previous version you'll have to check on [commits](https://github.com/daemonraco/toobasic/commits/master) and other [issues](https://github.com/daemonraco/toobasic/issues?q=is%3Aclosed).
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