# TooBasic 3.0.0-basilisk ![ ](docs/images/TooBasic-logo-128px.png) ## What is it? Well __TooBasic__ is a too basic php framework with some basic features, in other words, a micro-framework. Its main reason for existence is to provide a simple and quick framework in which you can start right away building your site while __TooBasic__ takes care of some common stuff. ## Why would I use this at all? Well, there's no real reason, you'll probably find much better solutions in the first page of a google search, but if you want to try a simple framework, keep reading. ## Basic features? __TooBasic__ provides some sort of solution to features like: * __MVC__: Provides model-view-controller mechanism (visit [Controllers](docs/controller.md) and [Models](docs/models.md)). * __Skins__: Provides different ways of displaying your sites (visit [Skins](docs/skins.md)). * __Scaffolds__: Also provides a basic set of tools to create artifacts in a faster way (visit [Facilities](docs/facilities.md)). * __Forms Builder__: A mechanism to define and administrate forms through JSON specification files (visit [Forms Builder](docs/forms.md) and [Quick Forms](docs/qforms.md)). * __Routes__: Pretty and clean urls (visit [Routes](docs/routes.md)). * __Database Wrapping__: Provides a simple way access tables in a database by representations (visit [Databases](docs/databases.md) and [Representations](docs/representations.md)). * __Services__: Controllers that only return a JSON result avoiding presentation logics (visit [Services](docs/services.md)). * __Plugins (modules)__: A simple mechanism to expand your site through plugins. * __Shell Tools__: Some sites usually have background tools to perform heavy tasks, __TooBasic__ provides a way to define and manage this tools (visit [Shell Tools and Crons](docs/shelltools.md)). * __Crons__: Something like tools, but restricted to cron-type executions. * __Cache__: It provides a simple way to cache controller result avoiding its logic on a second request (visit [Cache](docs/cache.md)). * __APIs Wrapping__: Provides a simple mechanism to access external APIs (visit [Simple API Reader](docs/sapireader.md)). * __Language Translations__: Provides a way to show your sites in different languages (visit [Languages](docs/language.md)). ## Installation Installation is not that complicated and you can find how to do it following [this link](docs/install.md). ## Start up To show you how easy it could be, once you installed __TooBasic__ in a directory (let's say named `mysite`), follow these three steps: * Go to your __TooBasic__ directory (the one called `mysite`). * Run this command: ```text php shell.php sys controller new my_controller ``` * Access your newly created controller with your browser at an URL similar to this: > http://localhost/mysite/?action=my_controller And just to let you know: * this already gave you a controller and a separated view rendered using _Smarty_. * and it's already using a really basic files based cache system. Of course, if you want you can write controllers and views manually as explained in [this link](docs/controller.md). ## Suggested modules (plugins) If you are already using __TooBasic__ and you want to expand your possibilities, we suggest you visit this plugins: * [__JSInject__](https://github.com/daemonraco/toobasic-jsinject): Your PHP variables in your JS. * [__Logger__](https://github.com/daemonraco/toobasic-logger): To generate and manage log files in your site. * [__Workflows__](https://github.com/daemonraco/toobasic-workflows): If items in your site have to follow a intricate process with different stages and status and you're thinking about a _work flow_, well, check this module. * [__ZFieldFilters__](https://github.com/daemonraco/toobasic-zfieldfilters): This is a simple extention of complex fields in your representation that allows you to use some columns as zipped data. * [__Redis__](https://github.com/daemonraco/toobasic-redis): To use [Redis](http://redis.io) as cache adapter. ## Documentation These are some documentation pages we suggest you to visit to get more knowledge of how __TooBasic__ works: * If you're having problems: * [Troubleshooting](docs/troubleshooting.md) * [Author's Note](docs/authorsnote.md) (yes, it's somehow problems related) * If you want to know more: * [Controllers](docs/controller.md) * [Layouts](docs/layout.md) * [Controller Exports](docs/controllerexports.md) * [Models](docs/models.md) * [Scaffolds](docs/facilities.md) * [Quick Forms](docs/qforms.md) form __Forms Builder__ * [Languages](docs/language.md) * [Configs](docs/configs.md) * [Services](docs/services.md) * [RESTful](docs/restful.md) * [Cache](docs/cache.md) * If you want the heavy stuff: * [Databases](docs/databases.md) * [Representations](docs/representations.md) * [Skins](docs/skins.md) * [Shell Tools](docs/shelltools.md) * [Routes](docs/routes.md) * [MagicProp](docs/magicprop.md) * [Conditional Redirections](docs/redirections.md) * [Forms Builder](docs/forms.md) * [Simple API Reader](docs/sapireader.md) * [Emails](docs/emails.md) * [Search Engine](docs/searchengine.md) * Even heavier stuff: * [Forms Builder Specifications](docs/tech/forms.md) * [Query Adapter](docs/tech/queryadapter.md) * [Adapters](docs/tech/adapters.md) * [Modules](docs/tech/modules.md) Also: * [The full index](docsindex.md) of document entries. ## Thanks ### Smarty Even though you can use other mechanisms, __TooBasic__ provides and adapter for template using _Smarty_ as engine, and it's selected by default. You should visit its documentation at [smarty.net Documentation](http://www.smarty.net/documentation). Of course, if you want to use a different template interpreter, you may visit the [Adapters Doc](docs/tech/adapters.md) to find an alternative. Nonetheless, [_sys-tools_](docs/facilities.md) use _Smarty_ to generate scaffolds. __Home Page__: http://www.smarty.net/ ### Twitter Bootstrap Because it makes things pretty and saves the life of programmers with no designing skill like I am. __Home Page__: http://getbootstrap.com/ ### jQuery Who doesn't use jQuery? __Home Page__: https://jquery.com/ <!--:GBSUMMARY:::Introduction:-->
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