# TooBasic: Changes This is a changes log based on Git's log. ## Version 2.3.0: * Review ItemsStream on RESTFul Logics ([#213](https://github.com/daemonraco/toobasic/issues/213)). * Adding a new middle class called `ItemsStream`. * `ItemsFactory` implements a new method to make use of `ItemsStream` and also uses it in `itemsBy()`. * Adapting methods in `ItemsFactory` to use streams instead of full lists (in other words `fetchAll()`). >Methods that where adapted: >* `idsBy($conditions, $order = [])` >* `idBy($conditions, $order = [])` >* `items()` >* `itemsBy($conditions, $order = [])` >* `itemBy($conditions, $order = [])` > >New methods related to streams and their similarities: >* `stream()` > * `ids()` > * `items()` >* `streamBy($conditions, $order = [])` > * `idsBy($conditions, $order = [])` > * `itemsBy($conditions, $order = [])` > >Methods that remain as they were: >* `ids()` >* `item($id)` >* `idsByNamesLike($pattern)` >* `itemByName($name)` >* Using items stream. * Compatibility bug fixes. I forgot that `SQLite` and `PDOStatement::rowCount()` don't see eye to eye. * Using `ItemsStream` on `SearchManager`. * The internal search Engine: * Criteria on Search Engine ([#199](https://github.com/daemonraco/toobasic/issues/199)) * Adding criteria mechanism. * Updating table structures. * Updating interfaces. * Updating cron tools and services. * Minor documentation updates (needs more). * Updating and fixing representation: * Track Dirty Properties ([#200](https://github.com/daemonraco/toobasic/issues/200)) * Persisting Calls Order ([#201](https://github.com/daemonraco/toobasic/issues/201)) * postPersist() is not being called ([#202](https://github.com/daemonraco/toobasic/issues/202)) * More stats information ([#196](https://github.com/daemonraco/toobasic/issues/196)). * Tracks execution time. * Returns stats. * Search cron tool allows `limit` and `offset`. * New constants. * Use `idsBy()` for `ids()` and others ([#180](https://github.com/daemonraco/toobasic/issues/180)) * Reusing methods instead of writing separated ones. * Adapters for MySQL, SQLite and PostgreSQL extend the use of column flags on selects ([#195](https://github.com/daemonraco/toobasic/issues/195)) allowing `>`, `<` and `!`. * Adding a new debug flag called `debugctrl` ([#192](https://github.com/daemonraco/toobasic/issues/192)). * Removing deprecated functionalities prior to v2.3.0 ([#188](https://github.com/daemonraco/toobasic/issues/188)). * Removing old core properties on representations. * Adding configuration checks and exceptions. * Updating search engine table representations. * Simple API Reports dynamic parameters ([#194](https://github.com/daemonraco/toobasic/issues/194)). * Index Only Pending Items ([#216](https://github.com/daemonraco/toobasic/issues/216)) * `SearchManager` changes its internal logic to use only pending items when indexing. * Representations and searchable representations (and factories) add a new configurable field to point which column holds the indexation status flag. * Also methods to get which values mean indexed and unindexed in their respected tables. * Addapting JSON specifications. * Adding some pending ignores. * Adding a new method on `SearchManager` to search and remove index entries for lost items ([#198](https://github.com/daemonraco/toobasic/issues/198)). * Search cron tools adds an option to call this functionality. * Adding some useful methods to configs interpreters. * Catching some more exceptions Simple API Reader sys-tool. * A bit of PSR-1 on constants. * Travis CI * Flexible PHPUnit version configuration. * PHP-7.1 becomes required. * Adapting test cases. * Updating submodule versions. * Updating documentation and code documentation. * Bug fixes everywhere. * ...insert Buzz Lightyear meme here :) ## Version 2.2.0: * Psychotic Coding: `array()` to `[]`. * Adding some minified version of some JS files (... yup, I found a friendly way to do this). * Update libraries/README.md ([#174](https://github.com/daemonraco/toobasic/issues/174)) * Adding a loader for Composer libraries imported in `ROOTDIR/libraries` * If you run `composer require somerepo/somelib` inside `ROOTDIR/libraries`, TooBasic will load it automatically. * Test cases helper manages cookies. * Interface `SearchableItem` adds a method called `viewLink()` to provide better access to items. * Updating test cases regarding new exception messages on Smarty. * Updating submodules' versions. * Adding json-validator as submodule. * Documentation. * Code documentation. * Disable JSON Specs Validation When Installed ([#176](https://github.com/daemonraco/toobasic/issues/176)) * Adding a new class to centralize JSON specs validations. * It controls installation status. * Adapting classes: * `Form` * `DBStructureManager` * `CorePropsJSON` * `RestConfig` * `SApiManager` * `SApiReporter` * Update jQuery and Bootstrap Libs ([#185](https://github.com/daemonraco/toobasic/issues/185)) * Update jQuery and Bootstrap Libs ([#185](https://github.com/daemonraco/toobasic/issues/185)) * Unify Representation's Core Properties ([#187](https://github.com/daemonraco/toobasic/issues/187)) * Moving core properties of item representation and items factory to a separated class. * Also this class can be avoided using a JSON specification. * Adding a interpreter for JSON core properties specifications. * Adding JSONValidator specs for JSON specification. * Adapting super-object `Paths` and `Names`. * For compatibility, all core properties will remain, but they're going to be removed on version _v2.3.0_ (issue #188). * Database adapter adds a method called `name()`. * Adding test cases for table using version 1 on their specifications. * Nicer specs building for tables. * Adapting table scaffolds to use the new mechanism. * Also test cases. * Updating specification checkers. * Updating sys-tool `table`. * List of Dependant Representations ([#186](https://github.com/daemonraco/toobasic/issues/186)) * Adding association logic for sub-lists. * Methods on items factories like `ids()`, `items()`, etc. allow order specification. * JSON Validator for Database Specs ([#170](https://github.com/daemonraco/toobasic/issues/170)) * Adding multi-version specification and logic to validate it. * Updating test cases. * RESTful Assets * Adding a new JavaScript asset for RESTful resources. * Fixing namespace checks on `toobasic_asset.js`. * RESTful Representations ([#163](https://github.com/daemonraco/toobasic/issues/163)) * New RESTful artifacts. * New manager. * New rest config interpreter. * New constants. * JSON validation specs. * JSON initial configuration. * New friendly-urls configurations on `.htaccess`. * New translations. * Adding a way to expand all extended properties of a representation. * Adding a new parameters stack that allows modification of super globals. * Magic prop `params` uses it for `$_SESSION` and `$_COOKIES`. * Adding a way to search items. * Systool table limit name field ([#182](https://github.com/daemonraco/toobasic/issues/182)) * Adding specific limit. * Search By Any Field ([#179](https://github.com/daemonraco/toobasic/issues/179)) * Adding new methods. * FormsBuilder Specs ([#171](https://github.com/daemonraco/toobasic/issues/171)) * Adding a new JSON specifications file. * Checking form specs using JSONValidator. * Removing unnecessary checks. * Adapting test cases. * New JSON specification for Simple API Reader Reports ([#173](https://github.com/daemonraco/toobasic/issues/173)). * Unneeded defaults on service sys-tool ([#181](https://github.com/daemonraco/toobasic/issues/181)) * SApiReader ([#172](https://github.com/daemonraco/toobasic/issues/172)) * Validating JSON against specs (abstract and non-abstract). * Adding an abstract spec. * Adding translations. * Adapting test cases. * Bug fixes: * Fixing some constant values. * Fixing exception translation errors. * Specs bug fix for #172. * `Configs` exceptions. * Wrong class namespace. * Wrong exception message build. * Table scaffods where creating a field called `key` for tables version 2, instead of `keys`. * Predictive scripts for jQuery autocompletion fix a issue with ng-model (AngularJS). * Bug fix on `SearchManager`, items here wrongly grouped. * Updating scaffolds... in other words, bug fix. * Sys-tool table was generating forms inside views with wrong attributes. * It is `__construct`, not `__constructor`. * Minor bug on `DBStructureManager`. ## Version 2.1.0: * Simple API Tester ([#151](https://github.com/daemonraco/toobasic/issues/151)). * Controllers and services _sys-tool_ now generates routes considering default values ([#115](https://github.com/daemonraco/toobasic/issues/115)). * Routes now support the keyword `table` and the table _sys-tool_ now generates routes considering this keyword ([#147](https://github.com/daemonraco/toobasic/issues/147)). * Almost all exception messages get translation configurations ([#145](https://github.com/daemonraco/toobasic/issues/145)). * Smarty delimiters can be changed ([#145](https://github.com/daemonraco/toobasic/issues/145)). * New debug parameter called `debugmagicprop` ([#153](https://github.com/daemonraco/toobasic/issues/153)). * Redis support gets moved to a external plugin ([#118](https://github.com/daemonraco/toobasic/issues/118)). * Updating test cases. * Documentation bug fixes. * TravisCI tests now include PHP-7.1. * Also support for PHP-5.4 gets removed. ## Version 2.0.0: * Adding a dummy function for `json_last_error_msg()` on PHP versions lower than 5.5. * _SApiReader_ and _SApiManager_ add more checks on specification files. * RoutesManager adds more checks on specification files. * Forms Builder: * Stops catching exceptions and let them be managed by TooBasic default mechanisms. * Better exception messages. * More checks for `enum` fields. * Replacing hard-coded names by its already existing constants. * Fixing background styles ([#144](https://github.com/daemonraco/toobasic/issues/144)). * Fixing misspelling on exception class. * Fixing messages on some JSON exceptions. * Improving JSON checks in `RoutesManager` and `Translate` singletons. * Class alias bug fix in `RoutesManager`. * `index.php` always checks for exceptions. * Fixing error behaviors on `ActionsManager`. * Bug fix in `ActionsManager`. It was not checking for the right controller pointer with secondary error. * Bug fix in `ServicesManager`. It was not build the right response on errors. * Bug fix in `ErrorController`. There was a parameter hint that in some extreme cases it throws an error. * Debug flag `debugnolayout` becomes `nolayout` ([#141](https://github.com/daemonraco/toobasic/issues/141)). * Adding documentation about module manifest files ([#81](https://github.com/daemonraco/toobasic/issues/81)). * Bug fix in `ManifestsManager` and `toobasicfunctions.php` regarding broken or not installed modules. * Code documentation for Forms Builders ([#119](https://github.com/daemonraco/toobasic/issues/119)). * Some integration with GitBooks. * Some integration CodeClimate. * Core function `\TooBasic\objectCopyAndEnforce` gets improved. * SApiReader Reports ([#135](https://github.com/daemonraco/toobasic/issues/135)) * Converting some hard-coded paths into configurations. * Adding an exception check in `SApiManager`. * Fixing a bug in `exception_page.php`. * Config File Abstractions * Adding a new mode to load config files called _Merge_. * Also adding a test case for it. * And documentation. * Fixing a bug with a not "happy flow". `ActionsManager` was trying to use a controller that it already knew was not loaded. * Fining a tiny bug in `SearchManager`, just a semi-colon... that made all queries to return empty results :) * Less @ flags, if it explodes, I wanna see it :) * Adding a reset mechanism to singleton `Paths`. * Bug fix in class `OptionsStack`, `throw` is not `return`, duh!. * Adding some pending help text ([#123](https://github.com/daemonraco/toobasic/issues/123)). * Fixing uninitialized variables bug ([#122](https://github.com/daemonraco/toobasic/issues/122)). * Removing unused variables. * Removing eval usage in class `ComplexConfig`. * Background image recompression. * Forms Builder ([#117](https://github.com/daemonraco/toobasic/issues/117)) * Extendable `ControllerExports` ([#116](https://github.com/daemonraco/toobasic/issues/116)) * Paths Search Priority ([#114](https://github.com/daemonraco/toobasic/issues/114)). * Adding a parameter called `debugconfigs` to debug how config files are loaded and way. * Better looks in `debugdebugs`. * Better looks in tables generated by sys-tool table. * Suggesting known (kinda stable) modules in documentation. * Options in Params ([#113](https://github.com/daemonraco/toobasic/issues/113)). ## Previous To get information about previous version go to [this link](https://github.com/daemonraco/toobasic/commits/master).
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